working online to be a nomad

Working Online To Be A Nomad

Are you looking to make money online while traveling-Van life?

The Best Ways to Make Money online in 2022

I thought a lot about this because I’m not yet retired. Technically I have about 12 more years to work before I can retire. There are lots of ideas on how to work while on the road.

Originally I had planned on work camping or maybe door dash and Uber. I didn’t want to be that limited time-wise though. While on TikTok I saw several people advertising affiliate marketing. I had no idea what that was. In case you don’t either it’s essentially partnering with companies and advertising their products through links.

If someone purchases through one of your links the company pays you a commission. This allows a person to make money no matter where they are or even while they are sleeping! Now, this sounded perfect to me! I started researching affiliate marketing and how to get started making money online.

There are a multitude of affiliate marketing companies and as I suspected most of them seemed to want to sell you other things instead of just showing me what to do. I tried two companies that I didn’t care for due to pushy upsells.

Workcamping At Amazon

Workcamping-not online but a viable option

Above I mentioned work camping, so I wanted to elaborate on that in case you are interested in what it is and the benefits to you. Work camping entails working at a site like an RV resort in exchange for hookups and or free rent at that site.

The details are negotiated between the campers and the site owners. Usually, the work camper will clean bathrooms, perform cashier work if the resort has a store, check-in other guests, or do handyman work at the site. The site owner requires you to work several hours in exchange for free site rent and possibly your electricity etc.

Some site owners will charge for site rent at a discount and offer you a paycheck as well. Typically site owners like you commit to staying for a length of time such as a whole season. This might not be for you if you are more interested in traveling frequently and not staying in one place for a length of time.

Amazon also hires workcampers and their benefits are quite lucrative if you need them. From what I read on Amazon’s worker force site, all work campers are eligible for medical insurance after 90 days. Now, you would need to sign up for a full-time gig to end up eligible for insurance.

Insurance At Amazon

However, from what I understand their insurance is 100% company-sponsored and top-notch! This means if for some reason you left them after some time your COBRA payments would be quite reasonable as well! I have read a lot of comments about work camping for Amazon and some people say the hours are quite long and the work is difficult.

According to Amazon camper-force although the hours are long they say that anyone can do the work. They say that they have older workers that come back year after year!

In closing, if work camping is something that you are interested in, I highly encourage you to join some Facebook workcamper pages, at the top of this post I have linked one such page for you. There are a whole multitude of workcamper pages and sites for you to google and get going on it. Happy Travels my fellow Roamers!

Blogging for Money

Blogs are a great source of income for a multitude of folks. You can monetize a blog fairly easily. First, you need to publish a good many articles. You have to rank in Google searches. You need to build trust with your audience by becoming a trustworthy resource of information.

Naturally, this will take time but it can be done. Anything worth having is worth working for! A popular blogging site is This website serves mostly as my blog, but at some point, I will be working on my blogger site as well.

Facebook pop up shop

Selling on social media is becoming quite popular as well! I have seen lots of pop-up shops on Facebook. I have not tried this yet myself. Have you done this? I have sold on eBay with a fair amount of success in the past, nothing income worthy but I did make enough to supplement our income and pay a few bills.

Poshmark is a great way to repurpose clothing from your closet and make extra money online. Most of the items on here are high-value brand names. However, if you browse in resale shops you can find some treasure to sell on Poshmark as well!

I found a pair of name-brand pants at my local Goodwill for 5 bucks. These pants are Anatomie brand pants and resell used for 80 bucks online! These are pants are 200 bucks brand new! If you have an eye for name-brand items you could make a nice side income reselling! So to wrap it up you can see there are lots of ways you could be working online to be a nomad!

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