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How Do You Travel Safely With Pets?-Travel Safety Tips

What You Should Think About For Travel Safety with pets and yourself? We plan on traveling with our two dogs and I have compiled some things to think about for pet safety. Read on for travel safety tips to consider for pets and humans!

Travel Safely With Pets In An Rv

One of the best parts of a camper trip is being able to take your pets on the road. Whether it’s your first time traveling in a van or you’re a seasoned traveler, experience the joy of traveling with your pets. Whether you are a new pet owner in a motorhome or a traveler with a new pet, there are many things to learn, learn and consider to make traveling with your pet enjoyable for both of you.

As I said in the camping tips section, pet safety is a must when traveling with pets. When camping with pets, it is important to keep pet safety in mind, especially when unsupervised. After all, pets can be the best companions, whether you’re at home or on a camping trip. However, if you are traveling in an RV with a dog or cat, you should be mindful of the safety of pets in the RV.


Don’t forget to bring a leash in case of a dog or a harness in case of a cat before going on a camper adventure with your pets. When using a harness, keep your pets visible to make sure they are safe. Make sure the collars do not snag when pets are in kennels or carriers. These collars will allow you to track down your pet if you ever part with it.

Always remember to leash your pet on walks! Just because your pet is friendly and likes other dogs, does not mean all dogs are that way! How would you feel if your dog got attacked when greeting a strange dog?! Keep your animal leashed and avoid having to find an emergency vet and the bills!

Seat Restraints

Seatbelts for your pets are important too. You should have your pets restrained to the floor or seat in case of accidents. I have read so many stories of pets lost on the highway because they ran away after an accident. Your pet will easily be lost or runaway scared after an accident. Putting them at risk of being hit, separating them from you and leaving them exposed to the elements.

Pet Seatbelts will help you make sure your dog doesn’t move while you ride. Other ways to keep your pets safe while traveling include travel boxes or pet carriers. This can be especially helpful if you are bringing a small dog or cat with you. Help your dog or cat feel at home with all their family’s favorite items or toys.

The best way to do this may depend on your pet. If you are traveling with a dog, you can safely keep it in a seat with a harness or dog harness. Pets must travel with people in crates, kennels or harnesses that prevent them from wandering around the vehicle and distracting the driver. This means that you are riding in a secure box, so your pet cannot move or wear a seat belt. It is safer for everyone if pets travel in sturdy carriers that are secured so that they cannot fall, slip or roll over.

Pet Carriers

To keep your pet safe while on the road, whether you’re in a motorhome or in tow, keep them safe in a pet carrier with a comfortable blanket or two. Set a safety standard for your pet by deciding how to protect it every time the wheels move. Give your pet plenty of room to roam, but watch out for traffic and obstacles that can snag or snag.

Whether you’re going a long distance between two places, or traveling with multiple stops, there are a few tips to help keep your dog safe along the way. Your dog is part of the family and it is important to keep her safe while traveling. You will always need to consider the comfort, safety and health of your dogs when you start your camper trip. If you’re planning on doing some research, or if you’re planning on staying away from your motorhome for an extended period of time, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure your pets are well taken care of.

Health Checks Prior to Trips

Before you travel, make an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian for a checkup and vaccinations. Veterinary Checks Ask your veterinarian to check your pet before travel so that all vaccines are up to date and you can learn about any other health precautions you should take. We also recommend that you obtain a printed version of your dog’s vaccination history and vaccination records in case you need to provide proof while traveling. Also, if you have to kennel your pet during the trip the pet needs Kennel Cough Vaccines.

If your pet is on medication for a health issue, make sure you have enough to last at least a month, as pet medication can be difficult to find if you are traveling in remote areas. You need to buy enough pet food before your trip, if you are traveling to a less populated area where it is difficult to find pet stores to buy more pet food, this should take at least a few days.

There is nothing better for traveling with pets than a vehicle that offers all the comforts of home but is equipped with wheels. Whether you’re renting a pet RV, choosing an adventure van, or considering buying your own RV, this is a great way to make traveling with your furry family members easier. Many people like to travel in a motorhome because it can provide a safe place to leave a pet when people go out for lunch, hiking in a national park, or anywhere else pets can’t go. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that taking a pet with you on a trip is one of the best and worst things in the world.

Tracking Tags

You never want your pet to go missing, but if it happens while you’re away, having an ID tracking tag can help you reunite with your beloved family! Another way pet owners on wheels can track their pets is by microchipping their pets.

There are several ways to track your pet now with Bluetooth and GPS tracking tags. A fairly cheap method is with a Pawscout tag that you can pick up for 10 bucks. You can purchase one at Walmart, Meijer or probably on Amazon.

Apple is selling tracking tags now as well. While these are more expensive, it’s probably a better tracker than the Pawscout. On Amazon you can purchase 1 tracking tag for 29.00 or 4 tracking tags for 99.00. Obviously if you have more than one pet or use for the tags it would be worth it to get the 4 tag pack.

Your pet is most likely already wearing a collar with an identification tag. Make sure your pet collar has a license, tag for rabies and other vaccinations, an emergency contact tag with your cell phone number – there’s no point in calling a landline at a nearby campground to let you know they’ve found your dog – And the “Road Label” displays the make, model, and license plate of your camper. The pet must always be in the same vehicle as you, not the RV you are towing, and must wear a crash-tested harness or be secured in place.

Life Jackets

My husband and I frequently take our pets to the dam in our town on hot summer days for a dip. At times the current can be pretty strong at dam sites. I want to be prepared if we visit rivers that can have stronger currents than they appear!

Pet Yards and or Gates

I read was about a couple that had gone to visit another campsite and left only the screen door closed on their RV. This couple had cats and dogs that they traveled with. When they came back from their visit they had found the screen door wide open!

Fido had opened the door with his paw! Luckily for them, none of the pets wandered too far and they retrieved them with ease. This could have gone much worse.

So be aware you should always close both doors when leaving. Once when we were camping our dogs got out the door when we opened it. We were exhausted from chasing her around the RV Park trying to catch her!

In the future I will have a pet yard around my door and some type of block under the stairs so my dogs can’t get far if they bolt when I open the door!

First Aid Kit-Snake Bite Kits

Another story I saw posted was about a couple staying in a desert area and finding a rattlesnake close to their RV. A snake bite kit would be a must have in a desert area! Have a backpack ready to go with water and your first aid kits for hikes. A snake bite in a remote area could be deadly! This brings me to first aid kits! Make sure you have a first aid kit for yourself and your pets!

Medical Records

This also made me think about medical records and allergy info! Have a copy of your and your pet’s shot records handy and also allergy info. I plan on posting a copy of all important records in a plastic sheet protector labeled clearly and hung right inside the RV door for emergency personnel!

travel safety

If you do not own an RV yet but you have pets. You can rent an RV and take Fido along as well! You can rent an RV at! Just click the link and book your next pet friendly vacation now!

In Conclusion

You can never be overprepared in an emergency! Thank you for reading my travel safety tips. Can you think of anything else important to have on hand when traveling? Post in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by, please subscribe, hit share or like my article!

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