Need To Know: Must-Have RV Accessories

Need To Know: Must-Have RV Accessories


Helpful List of Essential Items for the new Rv’er

Need To Know: Must-Have RV Accessories-Items you might find handy to have when you travel. You love to RV, and so do I! Let’s look at items you should consider having but might not even be thought of! Camping is fun, but being prepared on your next trip is important too!

RV Accessories List

  • Generator
  • Two Way Radios
  • Freshwater hose
  • Water filtration
  • 30/50 amp splitter
  • First aid/snake bite kit
  • Lifevests
  • RV GPS
  • Air compressor
  • Fix a Flat
  • Pet temperature monitor (if you have pets)
  • Lap Sealant
  • Water Pressure Regulator
  • Bear spray
  • Emergency rations bucket
  • Satellite Phone

Having a generator on board will help you keep your batteries charged and allow you to produce your own power. This will be handy if you choose to stay somewhere without hookups.

Two Way radios are a great item to have and you can utilize them while backing into spaces at a campground. If you give one handset to your travel partner they can talk to you while you back your rig into place.

A freshwater hose will allow you to connect to water supplies in a campground. While a water filtration system will clean any water you load into your tanks. Choosing the right water filtration system can even allow you to pull water from streams or rivers!

Having a 30/50 Amp splitter will be necessary to protect your rig system if you happen to land in a campground that only has one or the other for you to hook up to.

A first aid kit should be on your high priority list! Everyone should be prepared for unexpected emergencies. A kit could be a lifesaver. My choice would also include a snake bite kit!

Lifevests for yourself and your pet should be a top priority as well, especially if you plan to visit bodies of water.

RV GPS should most definitely be an app that you utilize. Specifically RV, RV GPS will show you areas where you could run into trouble with height and weight restrictions.

Having an air compressor will assist you when you get a flat tire. Imagine changing a flat tire and realizing your spare also needs air?

Fix a flat, having a can of this could be very handy to have. We all have spare tires, but what if we had the bad luck of getting two flats? Or maybe you can’t get the flat tire off, you might be able to find the hole and fix it yourself until you can get to a service station.

If you travel with pets and plan to leave them alone, you should invest in a pet temperature monitor. This device will monitor the inside temps of your RV and alert you if it is dangerously high. Even if you leave your AC running, something could still go wrong, you should be aware of the temps inside your rig.

Another item that you should keep somewhere in a drawer, would be lap sealant. If you should happen to find yourself discovering a leaky roof, lap sealant can fix that up quickly!

A water pressure regulator will protect your RV against damage. Anything over 40 PSI might be detrimental to your plumbing and equipment. Instead of having to question the pressure in your area, you can just install a regulator.

Bear spray will help protect you should you happen upon Yogi on your adventures! If you plan on visiting national parks like Yosemite, you should definitely consider buying bear spray. I have seen plenty of videos of bears wandering through folks’ camps!

An emergency rations bucket is a great idea to carry. If you should get lost and run out of food, this bucket could be a lifesaver! The government recommends we all have an emergency supply. Have you seen the stories on the news lately? People are stuck for hours and hours in traffic jams, others get lost and stuck in the mud unable to leave or call for help?! Having a supply of ready-to-eat food and a supply of bottled water could very well mean the difference between life or death!

A satellite phone, while it is several hundred dollars, this type of phone could be your lifeline! If you find yourself in an area without a cell signal a satellite phone could enable you to call or text for help!

Check out this link for more information on these phones. I am not an affiliate of this company, I am just sharing the link for information only.

In conclusion, this is just a starter list of things for you to think about. Don’t forget to stay safe while you travel and have fun!

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