How To Save On Fuel Costs In Your RV

How To Save On Fuel Costs In Your RV

how to save on fuel costs

With fuel costs reaching a new high  I thought now might be a good time to review how to save on fuel costs for full-time RV’ers.

There are several discount apps and programs you can use to save on fuel costs. Many major gas stations offer fuel incentive programs that can help you save on gas.

Consider the age of your equipment

I recently read that campers or RV’s older than 2003 are less fuel-efficient than newer models. So if you are in a motorhome older than 2003, if you can afford to do so now might be a good time to upgrade to a newer model. Keep this in mind if you are still shopping for your dream RV!

While in transit

Another tip would be to not drive around with your freshwater tank full, fill up when you get to where you are going. Also, don’t drive around with gray or black tanks full unless you have to drive somewhere to empty them. Also, buy your firewood once you reach your destination.

Now might be a good time to pare down on unwanted clothing or other items. Maybe take a look around your camper and think about things you don’t often use or like anymore. Are there things you carry around that could be left with a family member?

Plan out your routes

By planning ahead, servicing your motorhome or camper unit regularly, driving at a constant speed, using common sense on the road, and not overloading your cargo space, you can maximize the fuel efficiency of your camper. The way you drive your motorhome can have a big impact on fuel consumption, which may make it more than worthwhile to change some of your driving habits. Consider driving slower, staying at a rate of 55 mph is better for fuel-efficiency. Avoid fast accelerations if you can as well. Don’t make unplanned stops. If you map out your route and plan your stops ahead of time, this will also save you fuel.

Proper preventive maintenance will also help you save on fuel costs

According to research, a fine-tuned motorhome or trailer engine can save you up to 20% in fuel efficiency. Although the cost of diesel fuel has increased in recent years, diesel motorhome models generally require less fuel than traditional gas motorhomes. Of course, smaller RVs cost less on fuel, and you’ll still need to rely on fuel.

Depending on how big your motorhome is and how far you drive, it will determine how much you have to budget for fuel. Generally speaking, the smaller your motorhome, the less gas you’ll have to spend, so if you can afford to waste some space, go for it.

The first and perhaps most obvious thing you can do to cut fuel costs is to downsize your rig. Whether you’re camping close to home or planning to travel further afield, you can avoid high gas prices by simply doing a few things to make your motorhome more fuel-efficient. Spending time in areas where gas is cheaper can save a lot on fuel costs.

Gas saver Apps

A gas saver app not only saves you on fuel costs but it allows you to see fuel costs and find gas stations near you! I mean, you can’t go wrong just using the app to find the cheapest gas in your area. We use Gas Buddy to compare prices in the region and can find the gas station that offers the lowest price. Knowing the current fuel prices in the areas you are heading to and knowing which station to go to for the best price can save you a lot of time, effort, and money on the road.

You can even figure out which gas stations you’ll go to if you really want to plan the best route. Use GasBuddy to decide where to park your next gas station and save some money. We use the free GasBuddy app to find the cheapest fuel on our route.

GasBuddy is our favorite way to find the best gas prices while traveling. There will always be ways to enjoy an RV, no matter how high fuel prices rise this summer. While rising fuel prices are a hot topic, motorhomes continue to be one of the most affordable and enjoyable forms of travel for many.

Using the free BPme app, users can earn $0.05 per gallon for every fuel purchase at BP and Amoco locations. If you need to use the truck stops, become a Good Sam member, the Pilot RV Plus Card is one of the best ways to save on fuel and other RV-related products. You earn 4 points per gallon when you fill-up. With this card you can also save 10 cents on propane, have you noticed how much propane went up as well?!

We use the Murphy Drive app and you can save 10 cents per gallon once you have 100 points saved up. The great thing about that is that all purchases in the gas station count towards fuel points. This app offers points deals where you can get drinks or candy sometimes for free. That’s fine if you have lots of points to spend, however, I save my points for fuel discounts.

TSD Fuel Discount is now Openroads

TSD is now known as Openroads. It is a fuel discount card for diesel fuel. You can check out their program here. TSD Logistics’ fuel program can save you anywhere from 30 cents to over $1 per gallon of diesel fuel, and there’s even an app that lets you find the best prices in your area through the program. If your van or truck needs diesel, you may want to consider TSD Logistics’ fuel plans to save on gas.

You can also avoid expensive gas stations outside of national and rural parks and fill up on weekdays when prices are lowest. If you don’t mind refueling at certain gas stations, a Costco subscription and using it to buy fuel might be a good solution for you. Using the RV LIFE Trip Wizard for detailed trip planning, you’ll know exactly when and where you’ll need fuel for your motorhome or truck.

In conclusion, there are many ways to save on fuel, from using apps to getting discount cards. By taking advantage of these savings opportunities, drivers can keep more money in their pockets. So what are you waiting for? Start saving today!

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