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In the link below you will see the roofing membrane we used to replace our damaged roof. I would like to review this product for you. I found this material to be of very good quality. It was nice and thick which also means it was expensive to ship. So keep in mind when buying something like this you need to make sure that you buy the right one, to begin with because you don’t want to have to pay to ship it back!

To measure your roof from front to back and side to side and then account for extra roof membrane material to overlap. When you get this product you are supposed to unfold it and lay it out so that creases have a chance to flatten out. We didn’t notice any severe creases that we were worried about.

This came in a kit and I found that to be convenient and the price point was much better than buying this from a local store! The kit included everything needed to install the roof. The only other thing you might need is a paintbrush or roller to apply glue and a caulking gun to caulk seams.

Overall this product was great quality and very easy to work with but I would recommend having a friend help you or utilizing clamps to hold it down and stretch it over to the other side of your RV roof. I would also like to mention that the company that sent this to us was extremely fast with shipping! At this point, I would give this product a 5-star review but that could change if it does not hold up over the years to come.

The product below is the sealant tape that we bought to seal around all of the fixtures on our roof. The company that sent it to us provided fairly quick shipping.

Installation Process, Preparation is Key

Before you start applying anything to the roof, preparation is key! Make sure you scrub the roof with a mild cleanser whatever your RV book recommends. We used a power washer, although I read somewhere that it isn’t recommended. If you know you are replacing the whole entire roof, I really don’t see why not.

Once the roof is clean and dry you can start rolling on the sealant. Unless you are also replacing the membrane. Then you would want to roll on the glue.

Overall the product was very good and I like that it comes in different widths. It cuts fairly easily with scissors. It is quite sticky which means it adheres very well to your rooftop! That is important in preventing leaks!

If you have extra hands when applying this it would be helpful because it can fold over on itself and you can’t really unfold it and get it apart! It does not hurt to order extra rolls of this because it’s a great thing to have on hand if you have an unexpected leak! I give this product a 5-star rating so far!

The fan I have linked below is a good replacement for your vent fans if you need to replace the whole thing. In our case, we just replaced the flange when it cracked upon removal.

To replace this you need to measure the opening from side to side. In most RVs as in our case, it was 14×14 but measure yours just to be safe! I give these products are 3-star rating due to the cheap plastic but the price point is great.

The product below is the foam tape we used to replace the styrofoam that was under the window frames. We applied it to the bare wood framing around our windows because we had to rebuild the entire walls!

It will do the job of helping weatherize wind leaks around the window and providing a buffer between the wood and window frame! I would give this product a 4 out of 5.

This roof sealant kit was the product we used on our roof to seal it before we discovered the whole roof needed replacing! This product is easy to use, you just roll it on, and it dried fairly quickly, I would say within an hour or so on a 75 degree Michigan summer day!

The bucket was big enough to do multiple coats on a 31-foot camper trailer. It dried a nice bright white and I think it helped reduce interior RV temperature.

It certainly felt cooler on top of the roof exterior as well after it was dry. Now, this is the first time we used this product so I cannot vouch for how good it will hold up. At this point, I would give this product a 4-star rating!

We had to replace our RV awning as well and we replaced it with the one posted below. This awning was a very nice thick material, well worth the price!

Amazon saved us a lot of time when finding supplies for our camper! When you live rurally you don’t have a lot of options for camper supplies and parts. Finding them online was a time saver!

The links on this page do not contain affiliate links. These links are just to show you what we bought and liked.

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