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5 RV Mail Forwarding Service-What You Need to Know!

NO mailbox on the road!

Since my husband and I have been talking about going full time on the road we have had to think about lots of things that most people don’t. One of these things is how do we get our mail! Since we will no longer have a regular mailbox that we can walk out to and retrieve our mail from, what can we do?

File this under full time rv travel budget, because this will be a regular cost! Several rv mail forwarding service companies forward mail and packages for full-time Rv’ers. Let’s explore each one and their reviews so that we can determine what is the best.

Escapee’s Club RV Mail Forwarding

Escapee’s have 4 different rates you can choose from. Their charges range from 10.00-135.00 annually. Escapees is a well-known established company, but I do not see reviews on their mail handling. They only offer two choices for domicile addresses.

The 10.00 service is a basic scan, upload to your account and then destroy the original service. The other services have additional fees of 50.00 each on top of the annual fee. So Category A will cost you 195.00 a year initially. The mail scanning feature is only available in certain categories and costs additional money. See their price schedule here.

Traveling Mailbox-Accredited by the BBB

These folks have an 800 customer service line, and you can chat with them online 6 am-10 pm most days of the week. This is a great feature. However, you can also manage your mail online 24/7 365 days a year, a superb feature!

Prices are posted here. Prices are as low as 15.00 per month. They will scan your mail, they also will send you your mail and packages. You can also choose an address from various places in the US.

There appear to be good reviews so far, they have Tweets posted on their website and I checked them and they appear to be authentic. You can check out their BBB rating here, it is quite high, almost 5 stars!

Although this is a new company that was started in 2020, they have a good reputation and their prices aren’t too bad. Packages are somewhat pricey. They do not list an annual price on their website. Prices range from 1.00 per piece to 99.00 a month for an enterprise account!

Good Sam Mail Service rv mail forwarding service 

Good Sam is another reliable well-known company. You can get a physical street address in Florida only if you want to become a resident. They do offer mail reviews with a live representative. They will ship, scan or trash the mail after they receive it at their facility and you have reviewed it.

According to their site for the maximum control of your mail, you need a business account. I’m not sure I care for that idea too much!

Services start at 9.00 per month, they only offer Florida Domicile address. They offer 3 plans, a basic, premium, and business plan. You can see their pricing here. Although the basic plan mentions nothing about 9.00 and shows 24.85 per month for a basic account! They charge 399.50 for an annual account!

iPostal 1 rv mail forwarding 

iPostal 1 is a mail and package forwarding service that boasts 2200 locations across the US. This means you have a greater amount of locations where you could have a package sent for pickup! They also have an international package pick-up service.

Their prices range from 9.99 to 39.99 per month. They have been in business since 2015 and are listed with BBB as well. With iPostal you get a virtual mailbox. Your mail is scanned and added to this box, you review it and then decide what to do with it.

I like how they have so many locations in multiple states. This is quite handy for package service! There are secure street address’s to have your packages sent to. You can also review their price plans here.

This appears to be the company that handles Good Sam mail service. Confused as to why Good Sam has two pages for the same company? At any rate, you can link to my rv mail here. Their prices are listed the same as the Good Sam mail link.

America’s Mailbox 

This company has been around since 2007. I do not see the BBB accreditation on their website. Their plans vary from 77.97 for a quarter of the year to 228.99 for a year with an additional 25.00 fee for set up.

They will ship your mail and meds anywhere you want. You can see their pricing plans here. You can set up a physical address in South Dakota. 

This company is all about service, they want to take care of you and your needs to the best of their ability. If they let you down they say they will make it right!

I have never seen a business like this before that says they care so much about their customers! It seems they have been in business since 2007 as well. I do not see any BBB certification on their site. On a side note, they also offer a vehicle and health insurance plan.

When you full-Time RV travel you need an RV mail forwarding service that is reliable!

Keep in mind if you need to sign for a package or letter. USPS has guidelines that you can follow and set it up so you can sign electronically. See the link describing the practice and setup here.

So in conclusion you can see this mail forwarding is going to cost you a chunk of change per year! You could limit the cost and go paperless billing with your accounts.

All of the services above have some sort of customer support and physical address that you can sign up for. Although some are quite limited as to what states you can get an address.

If you need a flexible service it would seem that postal would be your best bet with a greater selection of locations to pick up packages including an international service.

If you want a company that cares more about service you might want to go with America’s Mailbox. They will save you money setting up a domicile address in a low-taxed state (think autos and RV registration).

For my husband and myself, we think the most affordable rv mail forwarding service service option would be online scans only and package service. We mostly get junk mail and the rest is only property tax statements. Package forwarding would be what we would need. I think iPostal 1 seems to have the best rates for our situation.

If you need ideas for travel apps, see my article here.

4 thoughts on “5 RV Mail Forwarding Service-What You Need to Know!”

  1. I did not know that mail is still a thing. I thought that everyone just does email. Well, you learn something new every day. I actually do not know why people still use mail. I believe that we should all move to email. Thank you for this article. It was a great read.

  2. Oh wow, I didn’t even know these services existed! I am from Europe, and in the process of getting all of my mail online, because I travel a lot (well at least before Covid lockdowns were the new normal) and don’t want any stress about tax or insurance letters and invoices gerting lost.

    I agree with you that it can be very costly, and would also go for the option you chose. 

    Good luck with going fulltime on the road!

  3. Hi Kadnza, Thank you! I hope this helps you set up your forwarding. Being on the road a lot can make things difficult for getting medications etc. There are a lot of things to think about before traveling long term!

  4. Hi Daniel, In our situation, most of our accounts are set up for paperless. Some folks do get medications via snail mail though. This is a benefit usually because you can get 90-day supply sometimes. Being full time travel though you would definitely need a place to pick up your medications. Thank you for taking the time to read my article!

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