10 things to love about RV life full time

10 Things to love about RV life full time

I always see articles on what people hate about RV life full-time or things I regret etc. 


I never see anyone say what they LOVE about full-time RV life. Let’s explore this topic and what I think I would love about it. If living life full time in an RV is so great, how come more people aren’t posting what they love about it?

  1. Being able to go anywhere anytime I want. 
  2. Not having a huge house to clean all the time. 
  3. Not having a big house to maintain. 
  4. Not having grass to mow. 
  5. Being able to step outside to a new adventure every day. 
  6. Meeting new people. 
  7. Seeing new places. 
  8. Not being stuck in the midwest in cold weather. 
  9. Being able to work on the road.
  10. Spending more quality time with my husband.

While I know that constant travel and life on wheels are not for everyone, I also know that I don’t want to live in my “normal” house all the time and especially not in winter!

It doesn’t always mean living and traveling all the time in your RV or motor home. Full-time RV Life can also mean parking your RV for the camping season and camping all summer as a seasonal RV. Maybe you drive back and forth from your brick house to your motorhome, enjoying it whenever you want during the camping season.

One of the best things about a motorhome is that you can park your home anywhere. When you live in a motorhome and work remotely, you have the option to pack up and move to a new location whenever you see fit.

Perhaps you are thinking about a permanent lifestyle in a motorhome and wondering if it is cheaper to live in a motorhome than in a house. Renting an RV gives you the opportunity to experience life in an RV before you commit. You can try different motorhomes, motorhomes, and other vehicles and rent them for a short time to see if you want to try them full time. To help make sure this life is what you want, be sure to rent different types of RVs. Renting different types will also help to make sure living in a home on wheels is something you really like. Permanent life in a motorhome can give you the opportunity to experience the freedom that you usually do not get in your current life.

As you prepare for life in a motorhome, you may be tempted to drive non-stop and see as much as possible as soon as possible. You discover so many new experiences when you put the camper lifestyle to the test. From the actual experience of living in a motorhome to the many new things you will see and do on your travels, you are sure to broaden your horizons when you go to a motorhome.

Whatever adventure you’re looking for, living in a motorhome makes it easy to create those experiences months in advance or on the fly. You will have wonderful memories of the places you have traveled, as well as the time spent together camping on wheels or just for a walk. If you are traveling with your family, your children will surely remember these trips. 
You end up spending more time with your family when you travel with them. 

The focus will be on this website business while we travel, it will give us the opportunity to spend our time and energy on growing our own marketing agency. I have been working on turning our side job into our full-time job for some time now. 

There are so many beautiful places to see and experience in the United States, and since it would be hard to pick just one, living in a motorhome allows us to live on the road for as long as we want. But if you like the idea of ​​living wherever you want, being able to change town every week, meet new people, visit old friends, and go out at your leisure, then living in a motorhome might be for you too!

Finally, RV living requires organization and adaptation to traditional lifestyles. To be sure, our goal is to spend as little time as possible in our RV. Of course, a full day in a motorhome is basically about spending less time looking at screens and more time exploring the coast, mountains, deserts, cities, and small towns that define America. We plan to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and that means being outside in Mother Nature!

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